cambrige english EPC
DAt T.E.S.T., University students can find the ideal program to fit their needs:
  • IELTS bands preparation courses. Maximum 5 students per a class
  • General English courses. Maximum 5 students per class
  • Preparation courses for international certifications in French, Spanish and German.


 For more information, please contact us or visit us at our Headquarters located on Via Asarotti 9 in Turin.

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cambrige english EPC

Arie De GeusLearning faster than your competition is the only sustainable competitive advantage in an environment of rapid change and innovation (Arie De Geus)

Professional skills, motivation and moral values are qualities that differentiate good businesses from the best! A  company that strives for constant growth embraces the fact that continually training its staff is a necessary investment for its  future. Properly trained personnel is the most important resource for a company. Furthermore, the expansion to new international markets requires the mastery of foreign languages that ultimately enables new business opportunities..

 cambrige english EPC
The learning path for adults is developed based on the needs of the individual. These courses are implemented based on age  and timeline, starting with a language proficiency test at our school. This is in accordance with the standards of the Common  European Framework of Reference for Languages.

cambrige english EPC
Our courses for young adults, ages 6 to 18, are not just English lessons for foreigners, but they aim to transmit the culture along  with the language. This is achieved by holding sessions with native speaking teachers. Our goal here is to encourage kids to  grow up in a multiethnic society, through both language and culture..